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How do I configure my MAC or Windows to work with SAP JAVA GUI?
Steps to access SAP R/3 with SAP GUI for Java.

1. Install SAPGUI for Java on your MAC
2. Create a configuration file (e.g. sapconfig.txt) and store this in a selected directory (e.g. /Users//Library/Preferences/SAP/sapconfig.txt)
3. The configuration should have following entry (depending on your system name):

For M27 server use: conn=/H/
For M28 server use: conn=/H/

For S4HANA 1709 use: conn=/H/

For S48HANA 1809 use: conn=/H/

NOTE: You may want to use the 'Expert' mode to ensure there are no extraneous characters in the string.

4. Start SAP GUI for java
5. Go to preferences
6. Enter path and configuration file name in the field ? Configuration File:?
NOTE 1: The screen is titled 'SAP Logon Configuration'.
NOTE 2: There will be 3 fields displayed vertically on the screen in this sequence: Top) Configuration file:, Middle) Message servers:, Bottom) Routers:.
7. Save your settings
8. Quit and restart SAP GUI for Java
9. You should now have an entry in your SAP Logon pad.

NOTE 3: Your 'sapconfig' text file looks similar to these examples:
1-IDES : conn=/H/
1-IDES : conn=/H/
1-IDES : conn=/H/

NOTE: Please use this system to communicate errors and issues with access to your SAP systems.