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Questions - Here are the most frequent questions we receive regarding our SAP Access.


Is the system available 24/7?
We try to keep the system up at all times but we do have to take it down every now and then for maintenance and offline backups...these downtimes usually take just a few hours and occur mainly on the weekends. Therefore, the system is unavailable the first Saturday of each month. If additional downtime is required we will announce this in advance so that you can plan accordingly.
Like everyone else we are not immune to technical glitches and have to work through issues which may take extended periods of downtime. In these rare cases we will offer either a refund (full or partial) or free access time.

Do I have access to all transactions & modules? have access to all user and configuration transactions for all functional modules, incl. FI/CO, MM, SD, HR, etc. However, we do restrict access to certain user maintenance and basis/system administration transactions to ensure a reliable environment for all SAP users.

Can I get ABAP access?
Yes, you can for an additional fee. We have a limited number of developer user IDs available. If you plan to do any development work contact us before you sign up to see if we have any development user IDs available. Development user IDs are assigned on a first come, first served basis. We reserve the right to re-assign you to a different user ID if we find that there is no development activity.

Do you have IDES installed?
Yes, we do! The IDES (International Demo and Education System) provides a fully functional SAP system, including full configuration, master data and transactions. You can see how SAP configured the system and learn from their set-up. NOTE: S4HANA does not have IDES data. Instead refer to SAP's Best Business Practices at

Do you offer multi-user or long-term discounts?
Yes, we do! If you have more than 3 users we will extend a volume discount.   Also, if you pre-pay your SAP access for 3 months or 1 year we will extend a prepay discount. 



NOTE: Please use this system to communicate errors and issues with access to your SAP systems.