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Create new Ticket - Login to Help Desk first, then create a new ticket. Tickets submitted via e-mail are logged as 'guest', and are not available in your ticket history.

NOTE: Ticket reply policy (for public clients): - $200 charge for urgent reply within 4 hours. Our standard service goal is within 8 hours. If you can wait longer, please choose a longer reply window. This is a training and development environment and most requests should not be urgent.

My Tickets - view and edit all prior tickets. NOTE: IF YOU ARE A NEW USER, click Log In > Register. Only registered users can view ticket history.

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SAP Password Reset - reset your SAP user password; download SAP GUI; or cancel your subscription. NOTE: Click My Help Desk Profile to reset your Help Desk password.

SAP Error Code lookup - enter an SAP error code (i.e. AA729) or keyword to find all related SAP error messages.

SAP Transaction Code lookup - Enter a keyword (i.e. purchasing) to find all related SAP tcodes or, download all 100,000+ SAP transaction codes.

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